Lisa Frazier’s Pipe Band Career Highlights

Studied with:

EUSPBA judges Robert Meade and Matt McConnell.  Serving as Mr. McConnell’s assistant at the North American Academy of Piping and Drumming in North Carolina for several years 1987-2000.

Pipe Bands:

1972-1977 Grade 4 Robert E. Peary High School Pipe Band, Rockville, Maryland – tenor

1978 –1982 Grade 2 Denny & Dunipace Pipe Band, Washington, D.C. – tenor

1985-1990 Grade 3 Clan Campbell Pipes and Drums, Columbia, Maryland – tenor/bass

1990-1997 Grade 1 Denny & Dunipace – tenor / Grade 2 City of Washington – bass

1998-1999 Carnegie Melon University – bass

2000 Delmar & District – tenor

2001-2007 MacMillan Pipe Band – bass (One of the founding members)

Instructor for:

Rockville High School Pipe Band, Prince George’s County Police Pipe Band


1986 – Developed a line of tenor drumsticks.

1993 – Recorded an instructional video, along with Linda Williams, for Beginning Tenor Drumming.

1994 – Named Pipe Band Director at Rockville High School

1995 – Named to the EUSPBA Judges Panel for Tenor and Bass Drumming.

With COW won: best bass section at Alma; 1st at Santa Rosa; North American Championships including best drum section; 1st at Bridge of Allen; Perth; Dunfermline; and came in second at the World Championships in 1996.

Won individual tenor competitions in the United States and Canada, including:  Alma 8 times, Cambridge, Montreal, and was EUSPBA champion 6 years in a row, two of those seasons undefeated.

2000 she became the first female EUSPBA judge to judge at the North American Championships, Maxville, Ontario

Also in 2000 won Best Drum Corps with Delmar and District at the North American Championships Grade 3


Gavin Lindsay and Margaret Peng won the North American Championships at Maxville and 5 students from the amateur ranks to Open.